Important – Detour Alert Superfood Intersection!

Important – Detour Alert Superfood Intersection!The department of public works closed the main road L.G. Smith Boulevard (Sasaki Weg), east of Super Food Supermarket (as of May 23, 2018).And they reopened the L.G. Smith Boulevard west of Tropicana Hotel for traffic in both directions.The detour will affect traffic from Oranjestad, Noord, J.E. Irausquin Boulevard and … Read more

Airport Renovations gateway 2030

Airport Renovations gateway 2030Construction works started to renovate and expand Aruba’s airport.The project is called “Gateway 2030”.According to the CEO of the airport, the construction works are executed by phases. Before the end of 2019, construction works will start on the new main terminal.The first part of the project is scheduled to be completed within … Read more

Gasoline Price Passes The 2 Guilders Per Liter

Gasoline Price Passes The 2 Guilders Per LiterThe minister of finances announced changed in gasoline prices this week.Gasoline is now 202.5 cent per liter (+7.0 cents) and diesel is now 172.00 cents per liter (+7.3 cents) – pricesincludes tax.According to the minister, the new gas price is affected by international market, and has nothing to … Read more

Power Outage in Aruba

Power Outage in ArubaA power outage happened on the island on May 11, 2018 around 9:30 AM.The current was gone due to a problem with one of the turbines from WEB (local company that produces water and electricity for the island).The blackout also affected the water pressure in a lot of households.It took almost 6 … Read more

Law that will grant US citizens the same right as people from the Netherlands

Favourable signal The Daily Herald (press release) Aruba is preparing a change to its Admittance and Expulsion Law that will grant US citizens the same right as people from the Netherlands concerning their stay on the island. It regards the formalisation of a new policy following several court cases based on the Dutch/American Friendship Treaty … Read more

New Curaçao-Aruba Flights

New Curaçao-Aruba Flights Caribbean Journal By the Caribbean Journal staff. There’s a new way to island hop in the Dutch Caribbean. Divi Divi Air, which has long operated regular flights connecting Curaçao and Bonaire, has officially launched new daily flights connecting Curaçao and Aruba. The new flights have a capacity of 19 seats and are …  … Read more

Voluntourism: Aruba Donkeys

Voluntourism: Aruba Donkeys Peter Travel News For more than 500 years, donkeys were the main form of transportation on the island of Aruba. Then cars came to the island, and donkeys were no longer needed. Thousands of donkeys were released into the wild. You can even find some on the road right across from … Read more

Watch Out For Man-o-War, The Jellyfish Lookalike

Watch Out For Man-o-War, The Jellyfish LookalikeNational Park Arikok sent out a warning for beach goers to watch out for man-o-wars.The man-o-war looks like a jellyfish, but its not. It’s actually a collection of organisms called polyps. These polyps are attached to each other and resembles a purple parachute on the water’s surface.Normally these animals … Read more