Top 9 News Headlines in Aruba

Top 9 News Headlines in ArubaHi, The local authorities reported another oil spill near the peninsula of Trinidad & Tobago. This time heavy oil spilled, but the source of the leak isn’t known yet. Will this affect Aruba?  Bushiri hotel is finally being dismantles at the moment, and a public beach will be created.  There are more developments on … Read more

October 20th 2017 One Happy Newsletter

October 20th 2017 One Happy Newsletter The One Happy Podcast NewsletterA little bit of sunshine delivered to your inbox every week.  Hi there everyone!This is one of those day late editions of the newsletter because this week has been filled with pre-vacation errands that needed to be run.  I’m sure you all know how hectic things get … Read more

Heat Wave Like Weather in Aruba

Heat Wave Like Weather in ArubaThe director of the meteorology department advised the community of a heat wave last week during a press conference, caused by the recent hurricanes in the Caribbean.After another public announcement this week, he says that the same situation applies for the rest of this week.Although the breeze is back again, … Read more