Aruban election fever

Aruban election fever The Daily Herald (press release) The eight candidate lists taking part in Aruba’s September 22 elections received their ballot numbers and colours at Census Office. As usual parties … 

Carubbian Festival

Carubbian FestivalThe minister of tourism and the board members of Carubbian have been prepping up for the official revamped version of Carubbian Festival.The concept of Carubbian has been polished and refreshed!This time around locals and visitors will be entertained with a closer feel of the cultural heritage from san nicolas.Everyone who visits Carubbian fest will … Read more

Love Festival

Love FestivalThis year the 4th edition of love festival will be organized.The event promises good music, good energy, and positive experience on the island.Love festival attracts thousands of visitors, not only for the musical experience, but also to get to know our island.Every year the organizers from love festival change their concept, making the festival … Read more